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Albaraka Helps inHeavy Rainfall

Balochistan undergoes through heavy rainfall because of disastrous flash flooding across the country. According to reports , more than 1,050 people surpassed  and more than 1,400 injured and millions are misplaced.

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Without source to urgent medical aid, food , clean water and shelter for them . Even more risk followed unpredictable weather conditions.Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said , “ Whoever  helps his people in his time of need, Allah will always be there in his time of need.”{Saheeh Muslim}

Please donate as much as possible to our Balochistan Flood Appeal Project. You can provide them with food, clean water and medical aid kit . You can save and make their life better!

Pakistan Flooding in 2022; The Epic Story of a Catastrophe is an account of how a catastrophic flooding event took place in the country in 2022. The story follows the lives of people who are affected by the disaster and their attempts to rebuild after the floods. Along with providing tips for survivors, this report also provides insights into financial news, economic stability, and volatility. 

By staying up-to-date on financial news and preparing for volatility, you can help to survive any Pakistani Flooding through Balochistan Flood Appeal event by donating Albaraka Welfare Trust International.

Pakistan Donation Flood


People of Balochistan are seeking for your help. People has lost their life and struggling daily to fulfill their needs after this devastating flood . Children are sick and hard to get them treated and they won’t get the everyday meals . So please donate Balochistan Flood Appeal for them as much you can so Albaraka Trust provide them with food, clean water and emergency medical aid kit. Your supports can make their life better again.


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