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Build a Mosque
  • There is no doubt that to build a mosque (Masjid) plays a vital role in such societies as a place of worship as well as a hub of community activity. It is a place where people can meet one another, improve relations among themselves, gain knowledge, contribute to local initiatives, and find consolation. The presence of a Masjid in a location can also boost the local economy and encourage trade. 
  • Furthermore, a successful Masjid should produce virtuous, morally upright individuals who contribute to society and lead meaningful lives. Primary and secondary data indicate that rural communities in Pakistan lack adequate access to Masjids.
  • Those who benefit from our Masjid program are poor, and unable to build a mosque on their own for the community. Without MH intervention or intervention from elsewhere, they will remain without a Masjid in their locality.

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Why this project is necessary? {Build A Mosque (Masjid) in Pakistan}

This is despite the fact that it is a country dominated by Muslims. The majority of rural Pakistani communities lack access to places of worship where they can participate in religious activities and events and obtain Islamic education.

The history of Islam demonstrates that when practiced in its correct Orthodox form and sound Islamic knowledge is available, communities can be transformed financially and spiritually.There was a golden age of Islam in Iraq and Muslim Spain during this time. Ottoman Turks, Mughal India, and many other examples demonstrate that religion can lead to productivity when applied correctly. The practicing community becomes more self-sufficient, benevolent, and successful. One of the finest examples of all is the Medina of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), which was the pinnacle of communities and the model for others.

Muslim Hands Experience {Build A Mosque (Masjid) in Pakistan}

  • As part of our unique program, we select the most deserving people and locations to build the Masjid.
  • Additionally, we ensure that the Masjid will be maintained and cared for by giving the community responsibility and ownership of the project. As a result, the Masjid continues to provide long-term benefits after construction is complete.
  • Several districts of Pakistan are served by our Masjid program, including Sindh and Balochistan. There has been a huge impact on society as a result of this. This is because hundreds of villagers who were previously unable to afford to build their own Masjid, now have access to a Masjid in their own area.
  • In terms of other work, Muslim Hands Pakistan has established several schools throughout the country which provide education to hundreds of orphan and needy children.
  • Other work in the country includes feeding programs, Winter Survival Kits, and safe water projects.
Mosque Construction

Rural Masjid project {Build A Mosque (Masjid) in Pakistan}

  • This project proposes to build a Mosque (Masjid) in the location of Khuzdar in Balochistan Province.
  • The Masjid will be sized approximately 40×30 feet.
  • In terms of capacity, the Masjid should be able to hold 140-plus people at a time.
  • The Masjid will be constructed of concrete (including the roof).
  • There are also two washrooms and an ablution area (wudhu khana) in the Masjid.
  • Additionally, sanitary fitting, water connection, whitewashing, and electrification will be carried out.
  • Construction of the Masjid will provide the community with a place for their five daily prayers, Friday prayers, and Eid prayers. It will also provide meeting rooms, religious events, and other community uses.
  • Additionally, a madrassa will be operated within the Masjid for children as well as adults.

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