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If you’re looking to find a life partner, then our match making marriage program is the perfect opportunity for you! Our program is designed to help individuals find their ideal match and build a strong and lasting relationship.

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Albaraka Trust Introduces New Marriage Program to Support Couples in Building Strong and Lasting Relationships

Albaraka Trust has recently launched a new marriage program for individuals who are in search of a good daughter-in-law or son-in-law. This program is aimed at helping Muslim families find suitable matches for their sons and daughters, based on shared values and beliefs.

The Albaraka Trust recognizes that finding a suitable partner for marriage can be a difficult and time-consuming task. With this program, they aim to simplify the process and make it easier for families to find compatible matches. The program will focus on helping families find matches based on their personal preferences, such as age, education, occupation, and religious beliefs.

“O young men, whoever among you can afford to get married, let him do so, and whoever cannot afford it, let him fast, for that will be a shield for him.” (Agreed upon, from the hadeeth of Ibn Mas’ood, may Allaah be pleased with him. Al-Bukhaari, 4778; Muslim, 1400).

Albaraka's Marriage Program: Finding the Best Son for Your Daughter

The program is open to all Muslims, regardless of their ethnicity, background, or social status. The Albaraka Trust understands that every family has unique requirements, and therefore, they will work closely with each family to understand their specific needs and preferences.

The marriage program will offer a range of services to help families find suitable matches. These services include a database of potential matches, personalized matchmaking services, and pre-marital counseling. The Albaraka Trust will also organize meet and greet events, where families can meet potential matches and get to know each other in a safe and respectful environment.

Overall, the Albaraka Trust’s marriage program is a much-needed service for Muslim families who are looking for suitable matches for their sons and daughters. By providing personalized matchmaking services, pre-marital counseling, and a safe and respectful environment for families to meet potential matches, the Albaraka Trust is helping to bring people together in marriage and create strong and happy families.

Please note that we act as matchmakers solely for the sake of Allah (SWT). However, any negative experiences that may occur are not our responsibility.

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