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Winter Donation For Baluchistan

Contribute to ensuring that the most vulnerable do not face a harsh winter without food, fuel or warm clothing 

Winter Donation for Baluchistan

This is an EMERGENCY plea for Winter Donation For Baluchistan to obtain the most basic winter essentials and medicine to help the poor people of Baluchistan ( Pakistan). Winter clothes for youngsters including sweater, socks, a wool cap, a scarf, and shoes. Other winter essentials include blankets, rugs, and tent insulation sheets. At a cost of £50  per family.

Why Winter Donation for Baluchistan is Important?

They are on the ground striving to keep people safe this winter -but we need your support. Please make your donation as soon as possible so that needy ummah can withstand the upcoming cold winter. ALBARAKA TRUST UK will give essential winter items to the poorest people of the Baluchistan (Pakistan). Winter clothing for children, blankets, rugs, and tent insulation sheets will provide them with some warmth as they live the harsh winter in camps.

ALBARAKA TRUST UK will also distribute winter medicines to individuals in need in order to prevent them from winter ailments and ensure their health during the cold spell in tent.

Purpose of Winter Donation for Baluchistan

With the purpose of serving humanity with honesty. ALBARAKA TRUST UK ensures the distribution of winter supplies to the underprivileged and needy families of Baluchistan. Blankets, quilts, sweaters, and other winter apparel are included in the winter package to assist these vulnerable families in avoiding the hardship of extremely cold weather.

Our Winter Packages

What Are the Issues Facing People of Baluchistan in Terms of the Winter Season?

Baluchistan is Pakistan’s most undeveloped region. The population of the region is over 12.34 million people. It is the country’s largest province by geographical extent, hence the density is too low. Baluchistan has Pakistan’s second-highest rate of poverty incidence region. Baluchistan’s population is extremely poor in general, with 85 percent of the rural population and 38 percent of the urban population being multi-dimensionally sparse.

During the winter season, with temperatures plunging to record lows in most parts of Baluchistan. The rural areas are subjected to bitterly cold weather, particularly at night. The intensity of the cold weather has little mercy on people who live in urban areas since the average temperature lowers throughout the winter season. Because of extreme weather, thousands of poor and deserving people’s lives are endangered. They cannot afford warm clothing or other necessities such as comforters and blankets.

Al Baraka Trust has several reasons to donate.

  • ALBARAKA TRUST UK is a non-profit organization.
  • Gifts are completely tax-deductible.
  • As a contributor, you will be kept up to date on how your contribution is Assisting the poor families like these
  • Any amount you provide will assist to relieve the pain of those in desperate need.

Winter is a fight for survival without warm clothes, hot food, and warm housing. The sub-zero temperatures and cold circumstances around the world threaten the lives of living in unthinkable poverty. During the winter, destitute populations are more vulnerable than ever, since they are deprived of critical commodities that could help them get through the season. To get rid from this ALBARAKA TRUST have started WINTER DONATION program.  

They are on the ground striving to keep people safe this winter -but we need your support. Please make your donation as soon as possible so that refugees can withstand the cold winter.

Winter Survival in the Baluchistan

Every winter, vulnerable communities around the world struggle for survival. Coronavirus outbreaks this year have made this year’s effort even more difficult. There are thousands of families already experiencing food insecurity, a lack of shelter to keep them protected from the weather, and a lack of reassuring warmth provided by a fire or warm clothing. We can ease their pain and provide them with the necessities they need to survive the winter with your help. Winter will be a difficult time for families all over the world without the shelter of a proper home, the protection of warm clothes and blankets, or the nourishment of nutritious food. The battle to survive war, poverty and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic are not enough, they also have to cope with the onslaught of winter.
Whether it’s refugees in flimsy tents, victims of war in bombed-out houses or rough sleepers on our own streets, your donations will help them survive the winter.

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