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Monthly Food Pack (Albaraka Trust UK)

According to the reports, more than 820 million people go to bed hungry every night because they are not getting a proper food so our attention towards helping all those family forced to stay empty stomach in some areas of Pakistan, whereas as compared to 46 countries more than 51 million people are surviving through this phase. 

To deal with this crisis, our Family Food Packs Project aim is to provide food for those people who’s struggling so we are making ease to those families by delivering that contain them for an entire month. As per your donation that they don’t have to worry about their next meal.

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Why to Donate Our Family Food Packs?

Many families are begging for food so your donation that can save many of them by begging. With this our project, health of this people can be improved, malnutrition and starvation can be decreased in some of these communities. Provide family with one-time meals can be beneficial and we understand that it is better for overall well-being of underprivileged families in Pakistan.

We ensure that most of families will get help by this organizations and through our monthly food pack project they will get proper food like a healthy and hygiene food. If we help them then they can spend their money and time on the right things that may be more urgent like getting better livelihood prospects or funding their children’s education . Our food packs includes like rice, milk, oil, flour, sugar, lentils and more than that to fulfill their needs of all family member. So our team will provide them this kinds of things with  your Donation we can help them more.

People Express Gratitude for Your Help!

Lots of people for the last few months, they had only having a meal a day and although they could bear the hunger, people heart broke seeing their children struggle through starvation . So this food pack is a blessing for them in this tough time they cannot express how grateful they are to the  Albaraka Welfare Trust team for providing them and their families with the food provisions that will last them for an entire month .They are thankful to everyone who is associated with this initiative.

Donate a Food to the Needy

Hunger is a Concern Throughout the World

Hunger is a global concern and one that we can all help to solve. One way to do that is by donating food packs to organizations so we distribute them to food meal programs.  Each food pack provides much-needed humanitarian aid. If you’re ready to get started, all you need is the motivation to do something good for the world. Start by selecting an Albaraka Welfare Trust that you believe in and make a monthly food pack donation. You’ll be making a huge impact and helping to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems!


Monthly food pack donation is an easy way for you to make a difference in the fight against hunger. By donating food packs to those in need, you are providing them with essential food items that will help them survive until the next food distribution. Hunger is a reality in many parts of the world, and your monthly food pack donation can make a big difference. So why wait? Start donating food packs today and help make a difference in the fight against hunger!

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