Winter Survival Kit

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In different areas weather change across the world. Climate affects different areas in the Pakistan. It is unfortunate that many community in Pakistan are at the bottom tread of the global social. This Winter kits makes them survival for their life.

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That’s how Albaraka Trust provide support in Winter!

Our general winter aid kit are for those who’s surviving from winter harshness. We provide Blanket, Winter kit and heat facility which can help them to faced this winter harshness. A struggle to feed themselves , to keep warm and to keep safe. At Albaraka Trust , we recognize that climatic changes can be challenges in different countries.

Therefore, we started a winter relief initiative , through which we provide winter kit to people in economically disadvantaged areas. All the things are necessary for those people’s. So that people gets the support  they need by this project.

It is one of the source of Sadaqah-e-Jariyah for all of those who help people from winter harshness. By donating to this initiative, you will continually receive Sawab. Albaraka Trust provide Winter kits , Blankets for those who’s facing through winter harshness. This form of aid has last implication for those  who receive it. Support this project and earn countless Sawab and blessings for life!

Your Donation can Help Them from Winter

Lots of people living their live in small house  and with the changing weather conditions ,people’s face lots of issue and challenges in survival. In Pakistan, life is not easy in winter for those people. It can make more difficult as they cannot afford proper blankets, warm clothes and other necessities. So the Albaraka Trust helping for them and provide them a winter kit including everything they needs as per the winter harshness requirements.

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