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Albaraka Trust’s Winter Appeal: Saving Lives this Winter

As the global impact of climate change intensifies, communities around the world are facing an increasing number of natural disasters, making their winter appeal even more challenging. Climate justice discussions highlight that the effects of changing weather patterns are not evenly distributed, often disproportionately affecting vulnerable social and economic groups. Unfortunately, many communities worldwide are among the most disadvantaged.

This year, we seek your support to assist earthquake victims in Morocco, individuals facing dire circumstances in the UK, and those enduring hardship in Pakistan. Join our Winter Appeal and help make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Winter Emergency Appeals

Please donate to provide urgent relief to those affected.


Emergency Aid


Emergency Food Pack


Emergency Medical Aid & Basic Essentials


Temporary Shelter For Homeless


Emergency Food Packs For 20 Families


Emergency Food, Shelter, Water, And Medicine


Truck Load Of Food

Morocco Urgently Appeals for Assistance!

Numerous fatalities have occurred in remote mountainous regions, primarily centered around the earthquake’s epicenter near Ighil in the High Atlas Mountains. This location is approximately 72 kilometers southwest of Marrakesh.

This seismic event is the most powerful to strike this North African region in over a century, resulting in devastating consequences. It has led to the destruction of buildings and has left already disadvantaged families with nothing.

Albaraka Welfare Trust is collaborating with our on-ground partners to provide essential assistance to the communities affected by this heart-wrenching earthquake. Our dedicated teams are tirelessly working to reach those who are most vulnerable, striving to save as many lives as possible in light of the extensive damage caused by this tragic incident.

“Whoever saves a life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind”

(Qur’an 5:32)

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Morocco Earthquake Appeal

The Most Catastrophic Earthquake in a Century