Women Empowerment

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Women’s empowerment has always been one of our most prominent project. We provide a women the tools they need to become a financial support to their families and we provide them a sewing machine. Sewing Machine teaches underprivileged women to trade of tailoring through sewing machines. Goal is to provide women skillsets so they can take up as a profession in order to help improve their and their family’s financial situation.

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Make a Better Future for Women

Albaraka Welfare Trust want to help under privileged women who are willing to improve their life standards and have no support. Our women empowerment project helps women from low-income communities support to their families from the safety of their homes by providing them all the tools they need to earn a stable and halal income. Due to lack of skills and regular income generation activities. Albaraka Welfare Trust want to provide valuable skills and tools which would help these women come out of poverty. Your donation can impact a women and her family life so let’s join us and help them to make their life better.

Women Empowerment Can Create Impact

Helping a  women in poverty has the opportunity to learn a life skill, earn a living wage, and support her own needs as well as provide for her children. Our local seam stresses are so grateful for the gifts that empower them to not only earn a living wage but to make a valuable contribution to their families, changing the lives of others living in poverty. Islam gives women the right to work and support their families and we are doing our bit to encourage women who want to work by providing them with the tools they need to work from the safety and comfort of their own homes. 

Donate to Sewing Machine for Women

We give sewing machines to women in need, to assist them in becoming skilled individuals capable of contributing to their families’ finances. With your donations as the driver, we aim to give women the resources they need to not only obtain consistent, reliable revenue streams, but also use their skills that they can transfer to various spheres of their life. Lets help them and donate for their sewing machine so they can change their lifes.

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