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Those who are unable to access the necessary training, resources and opportuninties to pursue any income generating activities. Poverty statistics in Pakistan are more than 24% of Pakistani citizens live. Even those who do manage to get a job within the employment sectors like farming and inability to afford the necessity in life despite their hard work. 

Albaraka Welfare Trust creates solution to make them out of poverty for families who’s in need by providing them halal and stable work.

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Why to Donate Albaraka Trust Rozgar Project?

It is mandatory for those people to bring a significant and sustainable change in deprived communities. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which means every man and woman of any background has the right to work and gain a steady income so to lead a dignified life alongside their families and within their communities.

However, poverty statistics in Pakistan tell a different story around more than 23% of the Pakistani citizens live below the poverty line. This is where Albaraka Welfare Trust steps in. By giving employment to the poor, we support individuals and households to support impoverished families once and for all. We aim to provide job for a sustainable living. People’s lives are complex and multifaceted, and there are many activities that contribute to making a livelihood sustainable. However, we believe our Rozgar Project should focus on a simple outcome: to support the poor to create a constant stream of income in their lives.

Donation Worth of Multiple Lives Change

Our benevolent donors have raised a significant amount of funds that are being utilized as monetary aid to remove the darkness of scarcity in slum families. Be a part of social upliftment by contributing a donation. At Rozgar Project, every penny counts and we couldn’t be more grateful for being backed by such helping hands making this initiative a successful venture.


With your zakat and sadaqah donations, you can be empowering people to develop a sustainable job and future for them. In Islam as a Muslim we recognize that Allah (swt) created all the resources for human on Earth for the joy of every human being . So donate to Albaraka Welfare Trust and help them with Rozgar Project and make their life and future better. More families will benefit from Allah’s earthly gifts . To make their others life better so join us and help them together.

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