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Around the world, children are deprived of going to school. According to a recent survey. Due to their families could not afford an education for their children. These children are forced into a disadvantage in life due to a shortage of knowledge because they are not getting Islamic education. To help such children we have a real chance to make their future bright and it’s possible with your support.  

Albaraka Trust Maktab provides this student with high Islamic education. You should make a difference in their lives by taking a stand for these children’s rights. Make a donation to help this Maktab child or to make a difference in their life.

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Importance of Islamic Education

Albaraka Trust provides high Islamic Education to children who are from low-income households and poor people; to make a child’s future bright. We believe that we can provide them with the best education which can balance their children’s life with religious and spiritual growth, that’s how we designed our Maktab project to focus on children’s life. Our secular and Islamic subjects include such as English, Math, Urdu, Tajweed, Fiqh, Hadith, reading and writing taught under the supervision of Qualified Qaris.

Our purpose of this project is to support those children who cannot afford studies due to financial problem. Our main moto is to provide them a high quality knowledge to make a student future bright. We have to make this children a good human being.

Provide Them with High Knowledge

Students need basic knowledge of the Quran and learn in detail about the Holy book; your support can provide them benefits in many ways. Students can learn skills that can help them to grab a high education in other academic studies. Maktab can provide a peaceful and spiritual learning environment. Qualified Ulama and teachers will supervise that Maktab student. Your contribution to Maktab students will make them high achievers.

Benefits from Maktab

Maktab has many benefits for poor children. These include:

– Maktab will provide food and clothes to those who needs them.

– They will help to provide their knowledge.

– Maktab will provide education and financial assistance to those students.

– Maktab will help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for these children.

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