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Albaraka Welfare Trust is working towards protection, conservation and betterment of nature and humanity. Our sole objective is to create a greener and better for the country present and for future generations. We are working on our various projects to the environment imbalance caused by us and our society at large. It involves help them for trees organizations that will use them for forestation or other environmental projects.

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Plant a Tree and Make Better Climate

With a rapidly growing population and shrinking cities converting into concrete jungles, the need for clean air is urgent. We need such a solution which can bring exceptional results in less time and space. In effort to make cities green we try to take up any opportunity presented to plant trees on protected landscapes such as housing, villages and lot’s of areas around the country as needed.Thereby increase greenery, fresh air and habitats for fauna to benefit local communities. So let’s join us to donate and come together to plant a tree as much as possible.

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Under this project we create a sustainable livelihood for them. It is not just a trees plantation but an opportunity to create “A HAPPY, Green Village with Sustainable Livelihoods to hundreds of underprivileged families”. It will have a long lasting impact on many generations of needy families along with saving the environment.

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