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Water Donation: A Gift
of Water

Providing Clean Water Those in Need

Water is essential for sustaining life, yet over 1.1 billion people worldwide still struggle to obtain clean water consistently. This ongoing issue compels them to resort to unsafe water sources and live without fundamental sanitation facilities, leading to a tragic consequence: more than 2000 children lose their lives daily due to water contamination.

You have the power to effect change. Consider contributing to our cause by donating a water well or water pump today. Your support will enable us to establish water donation sources for disadvantaged families, safeguarding them from life-threatening diseases. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

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Water Challenge in Pakistan

Despite recent flooding, Pakistan continues to grapple with a pressing issue: water scarcity. Shockingly, only 40% of the Pakistani population enjoys consistent access to safe drinking water. This critical problem is exacerbated by a burgeoning population, pervasive poverty, and the recurrent onslaught of natural disasters, all of which contribute to a mounting water crisis.

Among the most vulnerable to the consequences of this crisis are children and the elderly, who face heightened risks of water-borne illnesses and the perils of inadequate sanitation.

Tragically, nearly half of all deaths in the country can be attributed to contaminated water sources.

At Albaraka Welfare Trust, our foremost mission is to ensure that marginalized communities gain access to clean drinking water, thereby safeguarding and preserving lives.

We accomplish this through the implementation of sustainable and well-maintained water pumps and wells. Your generous donation can make a significant impact in helping us realize our objective. By contributing to the provision of water pumps in Pakistan, you can play a pivotal role in aiding those in dire need. Join us in making a difference today.

Donate to Clean Water Sources and Transform Lives

Your generous support has the power to make a significant impact on communities in desperate need of clean water. By contributing to the Albaraka Welfare Trust’s Water for Life Project, you can provide the gift of life, hope, and transformation through the donation of water wells and pumps.

Together, we can bring about lasting and meaningful change, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for our most vulnerable communities.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

The best charity is giving water to drink


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