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Include all possessions you’ve had for a lunar year in this Zakat Calculator. This will calculate the total Zakat amount you owe.

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ABT Zakat Calculator

Gold Nisaab*

(87.48g )

Silver Nisaab*


NISAB VALUE (as of 2024)

How much is Nisab for Zakat 2024

Silver – the value of 612.36g of silver

Gold – the value of 87.48g of gold

*Nisaab values are updated regularly

What is ABT Zakat Calculator?

Albaraka Trust Zakat Calculator for 2024 provides a seamless solution for Muslims to fulfill their Zakat obligations during Ramadan. This user-friendly tool simplifies the calculation process, ensuring accuracy and ease.

By incorporating all possessions held for a lunar year, individuals can determine their total Zakat amount efficiently. Additionally, Albaraka Trust offers specialized guidance through dedicated Zakat scholars, alleviating any confusion or concerns.

With the Nisab threshold set at 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver, the calculator empowers users to accurately assess their Zakat dues. Trust in Albaraka Trust’s expertise to navigate your Zakat obligations effectively in 2024.

What is Nisab?

The Nisab represents the minimum wealth requirement for Muslims to qualify for Zakat payment. It’s also known as the Nisab threshold.

Gold and silver are the criteria used to determine the Nisab threshold. In 2024, the Nisab equals either 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver.

Zakat Expertise: Offering Specialized Guidance

We know that figuring out your Zakat can feel overwhelming and complicated. That’s why, during Ramadan, we team up with a dedicated Zakat scholar to offer specialized advice. With this optimized calculator given above, you can know your payable zakat in Ramadan 2024 or you can directly speak with Zakat experts by contacting Albaraka Trust.

How is Zakat calculated in 2024?

In 2024, you can easily calculate your Zakat using Albaraka Trust’s convenient Zakat calculator.

Zakat is due annually for eligible Muslims, triggered once a lunar (Islamic) year has passed since meeting or exceeding the Nisab (a specified amount of wealth).

We’ve simplified the calculation process by categorizing assets subject to Zakat in Ramadan (such as gold, silver, cash, savings, business assets, etc.) and deductible liabilities (including debts and other financial obligations). This breakdown makes it effortless to determine the Zakat owed.

Once you’ve calculated your net assets, you can ascertain if they meet or exceed the Nisab threshold, thereby determining the Zakat amount due.