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Our medical services initiative is dedicated to offering complimentary medication to individuals in dire need. We firmly believe that no one should endure preventable illnesses merely due to their economic circumstances. By donating towards medical supplies, you can profoundly improve the lives of those afflicted by various diseases or viruses. Your generous contribution can lead to enhanced health and a brighter future for those in need.


Transforming lives, one donation at a time.


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Donating for a Cause

Your generous donations can have a profound impact on medical healthcare. Countless individuals affected by diseases and viruses due to poverty often cannot access essential medical equipment or proper treatment, leading to preventable deaths worldwide. Albaraka Welfare Trust is dedicated to providing better medical services and treatment to these underserved populations. With your support, we aim to save as many lives as possible. Let’s come together and contribute to this noble cause.

Addressing Health Disparities

We are actively working across Pakistan to assist impoverished communities that struggle to afford quality healthcare. Our medical services are transforming lives in various regions of Pakistan by prioritizing healthcare access. Through our medical camps and treatments, we are making it easier for individuals to regain their health and lead better lives. We invite you to join us in supporting these communities by lending a helping hand.

The Power of Your Donation

Donating medical equipment and supplies offers numerous benefits. Donated items are often utilized more efficiently, lasting longer than store-bought products. Additionally, your contributions enable us to champion a cause that is close to your heart while making a significant impact on the lives of others.

Supporting a medical project is a meaningful way to make a difference and potentially save countless lives. Let’s unite and contribute to those in dire need of help, as they battle health issues and diseases that could otherwise prove fatal. Your support can be the lifeline they need.

“Treat your sick people by giving charity.”

(At-Tabari and Al-Bayhaqi)

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